Catacombs of SS. Marcellino and Pietro 


The catacombs of SS. Marcellino and Pietro are located in Via Casilina at number 641. Their extension is 18,000 square meters. There are approximately 17 km of tunnels and the maximum depth is about 16 m.. The excavation of the catacombs began in the second half of the third century and it ended at the beginning of the fifth century.

The catacombs are usually dug underground Christian cemeteries in the tufa, a soft rock. Their extension branches in long corridors such tunnels. Along the walls of the tunnels there are stacks of niches. The corpse was placed directly inside the niches or inside sarcophaguses. In the catacombs of Saints Marcellino and Pietro there are countless cubicles and arcosoli decorated with high-quality frescoes. The images are drawn from both the Old and the New Testaments and they combine the idea of death and the concept of resurrection. A lot of wonderful images decorate the walls, like: Giona, Giobbe, Mosè, Noè, Daniele, Susanna, Jesus, the Virgin Mary with the Magus, Orpheus, the fish, the orante,  votive feasts and scenes of the Gospel.

The catacombs hosted the death but it highlighted the eternal life of the soul which didn’t perish with the physical death. The presence of the frescoes, from a technical point of view,  also emphasizes the wealth fare of the people who commissioned their arcosoli and cubicles. The catacombs of  Saints Marcellino and Pietro for their richness in frescos and high-quality wall decorations have appeared to be the most interesting site among  the Roman catacombs.

- St. Marcellino and St. Pietro: the witnesses of Faith.

The catacombs are dedicated to the memory of two martyrs, St. Marcellino and St. Pietro, beheaded in 304 by the Emperor Diocleziano. The two saints were killed in Rome but thanks to a Roman matron, Lucilla, the corpses were buried at the cemetery in Via Casilina. Since then, this cemetery had been dedicated to the memory of the two Martyrs. In the IX century the relics of the two saints were stolen and brought to Germany, in the city of Seligenstadt.

Visiting the catacombs means to strengthen your faith journey. With the entrance into the tuff, the eyes of the pilgrims caress centuries of history, testimony, sorrow and Love. Exciting at the tomb of the martyrs allows you to rediscover the mystical sense that you will bring back from the eternal city, the Christian Rome underground.





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The ticket price includes a guided tour with an authorized guide of the Catacombs of Saints Marcellino and Pietro. The ticket is valid for the same day of the purchase only.


Full ticket: € 8.00


Reduced ticket: € 5.00

Children from 7 to 15 years old; students with a letter of presentation accompanied from their school; Military in uniform or with military ID.

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Children up to 6 years old, teachers or scholastic group leaders (one free entrance for every 15 students); group leaders: one group leader and one driver for every group of at least 20 people; assistants to the physically challenger.



From Stazione Termini:

-           take the bus 105 (Grotte Celoni) to the stop at Berardi, the entrance to the Catacombs is opposite the bus stop;


From Stazione di Roma Laziali:

              -   take the train (Giardinetti) to the stop at Berardi, the entrance to the Catacombs is opposite the train stop.


From Stazione di Roma - Tiburtina:


- take the bus 409 (Arco di Travertino) to the stop at Torpignattara, five minutes to walk to join the number 641 in Via Casilina (the entrance to the Catacombs).



The tours guided take about  40 minutes.

Languages :  – Italian – English – French 

Multimedia support: – Spanish   –  German


Temperature into the catacombs:  18 degrees.


High humidity level: 90 %.