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The Cemetery "at the two Laurels"

At the third mile of the ancient via Labicana, whitch corresponds to today's via Casilina in Rome, is situated the ancient Roman site "ad duas lauros", or "at the two laurels", named for the shrubs traditionally present at the emperors' estates.


Excavated below this location between the 3rd and 5th centuries CE, the Catacombs of the SS. Marcellino and Pietro house many tombs of very rich Christians who have left us wuonderful frescoes recently restored to their original splendor through laser technology. With its 18,000 square meters of galleries and chambers at about 16 meters below ground level, these catacombs represent an authentic tresure trove of Subterranean Christian Rome.

The Mausoleum of Helena Augusta

At the locality Ad duas lauros, between 315 and 325 CE, Constantine built a large mausoleum for members of his family in which would someday be buried his own mother, Helen. Attached to the mausolem Constantine built a church dedicated to the memory os Saints Marcellinus and Peter, effectively launching a phase of monumental building by Christians in the suburbs of Rome.

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