Cavanis institute


The Congregation of Charity Schools, commonly known as the "Cavanis Institute", was born from the intuition and heart of two Venetian brothers Marco and Antonio Cavanis at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

In 1803, they started the first free school for the poor and from then on their lives were characterized by a long, tiring activity of promoting Christianity in youth culture. It is important to note that the recognition of the Order, the defense of the principle of freedom, and the search for means of subsistence were constantly opposed by the Austrian government, then in charge of the region.


Their love for young people and unshakeable confidence in Providence, as witnessed in the brothers' numerous writings, fully justify the name of "Iuventutis vere parentes" engraved on their tombstone in the ancient church of S. Agnes, the cradle of the Congregation of the Cavanis Fathers which continues the work of its founders Fr. Antonio and Fr. Marco Cavanis.